Friday, May 14, 2010

Living with a Neurotic Disney 2 year old

No one said life with a 2 year old would be easy to understand.  But, when you can understand your 2 year old, there most certainly are times that you wish you & everyone around you couldn't!  Hello, my name is Maria, and I have a Neurotic Disney Kid .  As you can see from the above picture, Princess Peanut can navigate her way around a Disney park at the tender age of 2 (yes, i am proud!).  She can also speak her feelings & retell the events of the day.

Last weekend, while at Hollywood Studios with Princess Peanut, I met up with a group of friends.

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Meet my friends Aurora, Jillian, Shaene, Shaene's wife & John.  Princess Peanut met them.  And this is what she had to say...

"Rora" - I like Rora. I go see Rora. I pack my suitcase.

"Jooeyan" - Jooeyan gave me a leaf. A BIG leaf.  We like the ducks.  I go see Rora.

"Sheen" - (pinched her nose at Shaene MOST of the day) I gave him some chickies.  Sheen smell.

"John" - John gave me choco chip cookie. Yup, gave me a cookie.  And my tummy doesn't hurt.  Pack bathing suit. I go see Rora.

Now, if it isn't already obvious, Princess Peanut is IN LOVE with her Rora.  Just loves her to death.  And while only spending a portion of the day with Jillian, Jillian really made quite an impact by finding her the BIG leaf.  Princess Peanut has a thing for leaves right now.  She carefully held onto that leaf until we got to Epcot later in the day.  She was sad that Jillian was not with us, but left the leaf at Epcot so it could stay "with its friends."  John has spent the day before with us, so he is no stranger to Peanut.  She likes him because she can "scare" him.  And then she laughs uncontrollably!  And then there is poor Shaene.

I really have NO idea (I promise!) why Princess Peanut decided at lunch time to pinch her nose when Shaene walked by & said hi to her.  Most of the time when he looked at her, she did the same thing.   All I know is, by the time Illuminations was ready to start, she had looked past her earlier feelings & shared her baby chickie crackers with him.  Any sharing of food is a sign of acceptance from the 'Nut.

I am really impressed with how much a 2 yo can retell.  Especially days after the fact.  While packing her snacks in the diaper bag for tomorrow's trip to the World, she told me she wants to see Jooeyan & John again.  She has her "plink" bag of toys packed to go see Rora.  And she wants to see "Sheen" too.  She has fishie crackers this time.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Too much caffeine at 5am makes you wake up at 7am & blog about the night before

What a long night!

We had everything packed & ready to go by 11:30 last night.  We were ready to head out to Orlando for the weekend..all we needed was for Future Headache to come back from Busch Gardens Grad Night.  The busses were to roll in between 12:30-12:45 am.  Since being instructed NOT to be late picking her up, we left at midnight & parked & waited.

And waited. (1am)

And waited (1:30am).

Slightly before 2am, I had corralled my very awake & super hyper middle-schooler-for-6-more-weeks.  She informed us of all the night's events which made driving so late at night easy for me ;)  Finally, pulling into our hotel just before 4am, we were checked in, parked, car unpacked and headed to our room.  We were excited, as the hotel has a mini-golf course thru the courtyard, basketball hoops, and our room was facing the pool...the kids were excited.  All we needed now was to get some sleep.

Well, at least I thought we were.

When we tried to unlock the door to our room, the key worked, but the inside latch was locked.  Was someone in that room?  Scared that someone might freak out on us, we pulled the door shut & ran back over by the stairs.  I called the front desk & they asked me to come back to the lobby. Ugh.  If this was a premonition on what the weekend was going to be like, I was not going to be happy.

I drive up there(and yes, left everyone else sitting on the sidewalk with ALL of our stuff) and put on my "Hey, I realize its 4am & I have been in a car since MIDNIGHT, but everyone makes mistakes" smile.  Holy cow did it work.

I asked the man if there was anyway to put me in a room in the same building since we had already unloaded & he looks at me like I am insane.  He then says....

"Ma'am, I have already made you new keys.  We upgraded you to the Tower Suites."

Ummm....ok ;)

Can you say "Be still my heart???"  An upgrade?  A free upgrade??

Needless to say, everyone repacked the car & we set off to find a new parking spot & check out our new room.  Maybe I will get to touch Davy Jones after all this weekend!