Monday, December 7, 2009

World of Disney Annual Passholder Sale

I survived! :)

Leaving a little later than we planned, my Disney-Sis & I left about 4am to head up to Disney's version of Black Friday. Arriving just before 5:30am, the line was crazy! The line wrapped around the building! Standing in line across from Arribas & Basin, we waited patiently. A CM walked around the line about 6am, announcing that wristbands would be given out to the 1st 1000 in line. Once they ran out, that was it. At about 6:15, I got my wristband! YAY!!

At 6:30, they did promptly open the doors, but we did not get inside until close to 6:45. That was when we saw the true length of the line. The line was still wrapping around the building as we went in the doors. CMs were so nice..handing out shopping baskets/bags as we entered the store.

We ran all over the store to see what the door-buster sales were. There were quite a few...PotC figurines, Disney pj's, stuffed animals, clocks, watches..there were deals in every room. CM's were right on top of things...keeping doorbusters organized..helping people find things...even making sure that we knew exactly what was on sale! Most organized of all was the free giveaway line!

Believe it or not, this was the most organized give-away I have seen. The free give-away was stationed at The Bippity Boppity Boutique. A line was snaked around the room. As you approached the Boutique, a CM cut the wristband off your arm & another CM handed you a Vinylmation Doll. And that was it! Very organized & quickly done. Kudos, WoD on that one!!

The lines & the crowds were another story. I think we shopped an extra hour just so we didn't have to stand in the monstrous lines. In walking around that extra hour, we did spy Santa Goofy & WDW Moms Panel Mom, Erin Foster (@MomsPanelErin).

All in all, the experience was good. Would definately do it again. As a matter of fact, Disney did add an additional 2 more Saturdays of Passholder & DVC Members Appreciation Days (12/12 & 12/19) from 8-10 am. This time, the sales have been extended to other stores in DtD...Once Upon A Toy, Disney's Pin Traders, Team Mickey, Tren-D, Disney Days of Christmas, Pooh's Corner, Mickey's Mart & Goofy's Candy Company. The flier announces up to 50% off select merchandise, special doorbusters, surprise markdowns, purchase with purchase offers. A complimentary gift to the first 1,000 at World of Disney will be held again on both Saturdays. You do have to have a Gov't issued ID along with your pass in order to enter the store & shop (they do check them!)

Anyhow, looks like I will be heading to bed early again the next couple Fridays! If you happen to go to the sale, look for me in line or in the store & say hi!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Downtown Disney & the Annual Passholder Sale

Can you say excitement?

This Saturday, my Disney-Sister & I will leave our homes at 3am & head for Downtown Disney(DTD) in search of some great deals at the Annual Passholder Sale at World of Disney(WoD) or Disney's version of Black Friday. Are we crazy...possibly. I'll be sure to let you know after we get back home!

We went to WoD last weekend to "scope out the joint". We made lists of things we wanted & what room they were in. Mapping out our plan of attack included speaking to a manager about the event as well. In doing some research on previous annual passholder sales, last year was reported to have been crazy...selling out of $3 mouse ears in no time. The free give-away last year was reported to be insane, with CM throwing the items into the crowd instead of handing them to people as they walked in the door.

Of course, being ever so politically correct, the manager could not confirm or deny anything. But, when asked the right questions, for example-instead of "when you hand out the free vinylmation dolls" use "If you were to hand something out", I got some answers! While they will not confirm or deny the free VinylMation dolls this weekend to the first 1000 people, I was told that IF something were to be given out, it would be in an orderly fashion. I was also told that there will only be 1 entrance into WoD Saturday morning. Of course, which entrance was not stated yet, but was promised that it would be a crowd controlled environment and in place before people were lining up that morning. Another thing to remember is that this is an event for passholders ONLY. You must have your annual pass & Gov't issued ID with you.

So, in hopes of getting my 1st VinylMation Doll (yes, my 1st...and wondering if this will be the first of many), I will be there! I am also hoping to see some of the 2009 Mom's Panel ladies at the sale (@beautygirlsmom, @MomsPanelErin & @mefries). Although, I am hoping to see you in line. I'll be too busy shopping once we get inside ;)