Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Tower Suite

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Okay, so its not the Boardwalk or the Luxor, but this is West 192.  And any kind of upgrade, especially the FREE kind, is so exciting!  Especially when it is called the "Tower Suites"...  and its after 4am....  and someone had waay too much caffeine while driving.

The front lobby at 4am

On our way to our room
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We found our room on the 5th floor..and I have to say, it was a nice room.
0508000420 0508000420a

Lots of floor space, a huge closet...and a large window with a fabulous view (which we really appreciated at 7am!)


The arrows are pointing to hot air balloons.  What a beautiful sight to wake up to crystal clear skies & hot air balloons just floating past my window!  It definitely helped make a stay in Kissimmee a great one!

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