Monday, February 1, 2010

Reflection Lesson

Mini-Me is in a photography class. She was able to bring home her camera from school & the assignment was reflections. Where else can you get a wide variety of awesome shots than at WDW? So, off to Magic Kingdom we went ;)

We did not have to walk very far to start taking pictures. Along the stores of Main Street gave awesome examples of reflection, as you can see by the *awesome* picture I took with my cell phone! If you look carefully, underneath the word "Disney" you can see the word "Arcade" reflected underneath. Great thing about this shot, it could only be seen like this from my point of view. Mini-me was too short, so I was proud to see it on my own!! Yay
 Mini-Me ran around the parks for the rest of the evening taking various shots..the Liberty Belle, Castle & Moat pix, a reflection from a water fountain. She shot with a very old school Pentax 35 mm. Yes, it used film!

We (me, Princess Peanut, & Future Headache ) ran off to see Dream Along with Mickey & Move It Shake It. Can't wait to see the pictures!!

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