Monday, February 1, 2010

We like Toontown

As January draws to a close, we have successfully visited the world 4 times this month. I am off to a great start! And luckily, I picked the only non-rainy day of the weekend! :)
As Mini-Me played with her camera for this trip, Future Headache & Princess Peanut decided to play. After riding Goofy's Barnstormer for the first time last weekend, Princess Peanut decided she needed to "ride again". So off we went to Toontown.
Can I say that I am sad that they are demolishing Toontown? First of all, I am totally thrilled about the Fantasyland expansion. It is so needed. Really...just try to walk thru Fantasyland & you will see what I mean. It is super-crowded. More room & more attractions are definitely exciting thoughts, although I am scared to see what the construction will look like!! I overheard on twitter that they are starting on Winnie the Pooh's playground. That saddens me because that is one of Princess Peanut's favorite play areas. But anyway, back to Toontown.
The only thing that saddens me about Toontown leaving the Kingdom will be the loss of Mickey & Minnie's houses & Donald's boat. (Goofy's Barnstormer is staying.) As we walked thru the houses this weekend, I can't imagine Magic Kingdom without them. I know many children are thrilled to walk thru these attractions & see how their beloved mice live. Everything started with the mouse...his presence should remain strong in the parks...especially the Magic Kingdom. I know they are moving to Expo Hall, but it just will not be the same. :(
It will be a long haul with construction. It will also be weird to not see Dumbo front & center with the Carousel. But it is a nice thought that Princess Peanut might be able to ride Dumbo without having to wait 45 minutes ;)
Speaking of construction, lots is being done on Main Street during this slow month. Just this week scrims were put over the Plaza Ice Cream Shop & a large blue scrim was put over the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle House/Wishes Dessert Party seating area.
For some good news, the 20% Annual Passholder Discount has been extended to March 1st! Yay!

Looking forward to our trip next week..planning on meeting up with an old grade school friend (who I have not seen since the 8th grade) & then going to see the shuttle launch afterwards at the Cape.

Til then, have a magical day!!


  1. We are Season pass holders, who have thought about moving up to the Annual pass. What 20% discount are you referring to? I haven't heard anything, but would like to upgrade. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Came to your blog by way of WDWRadio. I have really mixed emotions when it comes to this part of the park being taken out to expand Fantasyland. I don't want to see the park static - heaven forbid. But here reside two items that reference my first and major Disney love: the Disney comic books - and one certainly doesn't see homages to them on just any Disney park "street corner". So I will definitely shed a tear when the street sign noting the corner of Nash (Donald's voice) and Barks (creator of Uncle Scrooge, a whole host of Disney comic characters and originator of the Duck hometown Duckburg) and the statue of Cornelius Coot (another Barks creation lauded as Duckburg's founder and said statue playing a major role in one of Barks' stories) end their days in the park. Hopefully they'll come up at a D23 auction where some Duck fan with deeper pockets than I will buy them for a most likely insane amount of money!

  3. Hi Lisa! The 20% discount is a merchandise discount that began in Dec 09 for Annual Passholders. You would have to upgrade your passes in order to be eligible for it. The Parks usually do not extend merchadise discounts (only WoD does). So, this is a special thing ;) And we LOVE our Annual Passes. We use & abuse them & definately get our money's worth!!

    Hi Chuck! Thanks for stopping by! I did not know about those references you mentioned..thanks so much for sharing! I *love* those bits of magic that Disney has placed all over the parks. New rumors are running around that the houses will remain in tact & moved to a new location...I am working on catching up my posts from last week's SM Celebration. I'll be sure to post a Rumor Blog & add that info!

  4. We do get a 20 % off merchandise discount with our Season passes (at World of Disney) also. We haven't upgraded to Annual yet, but probably will before summer so that we can do some day trips. :)