Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Family

OK, I am ready to get this blog rolling :)

Before I start, since there are so many of us, I should probably introduce everyone. That way, as you follow along, you'll know who I am talking about! 

The Boy-

DS just recently turned 18. Graduated high school & starting to really develop an appreciation for Disney at a deeper level. He holds true to the original concepts of Disney, loves the Mouse, and all history behind it. His all time favorite - Jack Skellington & anything Nightmare :)


DD1 is just about 15(in 11 days) and is a carbon copy of me. Do you know what it is like to argue with a teenage version of your current self?? Not so much an adventurist, but more of an appreciative soul, she too loves the parks and can't wait to celebrate her "Fantastic 15th Flip-Floppin' Birthday Fiasco" at the parks. Her fave...Marie from the Aristocats. Quite

Future Headache-

DD2 is 13, almost 14(in December) and is exactly what her name says. She is my free little spitfire. While very close to DD1, (almost twin-like) she is totally different. Will ride just about any ride at all... Her favorite...Chip & Dale


DD4 is brand new 2. Also known as Princess Peanut when she feels like wearing her tiara, which is quite often. She also has more than one, so they match whatever she is wearing. She is quite the leader, often dictating which way to go at the parks. Yes, at 2, she has her favorites. Her since-day 1-fave...Piglet.

Well, now you have met our Disney crazed family. I hope this helps.

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