Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthdays last for a weekend, right? Part 1

Yay..me :)

Since it was my birthday, and we were lucky enough to have a bye-week that weekend, that could only mean one thing.....Disney for the weekend!!

Just so you know, I am a slight bit OCD. My house must be clean before we leave & all laundry must be done. So, with that being said & after being at Disney on Thursday, there was a lot of work to do on Friday before we left! Needless to say, left later than I thought but oh well. We'll still be able to get an early start on Saturday!

The major excitement of Saturday was the fact that Magic Kingdom was open til 1am! This meant that after 10 pm, most of the lines die down. No Florida sun & heat to beat down on you. 

Since we are true theme park people, we also have Universal Passes as well. We decided to get up early & hit Rip Ride Rocket. What an incredible ride. I personally did not ride that, but the 3 older kiddos did. Basically, they waited 70 minutes (which was a short wait according to many people I spoke with) which gave me plenty of time to take Princess Peanut on some rides for her. Highlight of the day..pictures with Shrek & Donkey & riding ET for the first time! She is getting so big. *sigh*  Got some great pictures of the kids on R3. They basically gave it 2 thumbs-up & 1 "it was okay". They liked picking the music track for the ride, but said it was hard to hear.

The afternoon adventure was great, although it was about 100 degrees..no joke. Time for some pool-time back at the hotel :)

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