Saturday, October 10, 2009

TTA PeopleMover...where is Mr Morow?

picture taken by Maria Elkin-not bad for a camera phone ;)

Tomorrowland Transit Authority (or TTA)
TTA PeopleMover
Everyone is familiar with this popular Tomorrowland Attraction. You know the one…the little blue cars on the track above that circle Tomorrowland. When I was younger, this ride was awesome because it took you inside Space Mountain without having to ride Space Mountain. Tomorrowland has seen many changes throughout the years, but the TTA really hasn’t changed much.
Until now.
The actual ride itself is the same. Disney has decided this past week to update the audio track. And the blogsphere has gone wild. Since I was going to be visiting Disney on my birthday, I decided to see if it was really as bad as everyone said it was.
It was as bad. It was almost worse. L There was no more Mr. Morrow.
“Paging Mr. Tom Morrow. Your Party from Saturn has arrived. Please give them a ring.”
The ride was never a thrill ride or even a flashy ride. It was a simple ride, narrated by a futuristic woman. There was a theme to the ride. You were riding the Blue Line of the TTA. The woman spoke as you went around the “town” as if it were a real transportation system. It was cheesy, but cute. I know there were a few other jokes, but none as memorable as Mr. Morrow. The ride is now narrated by a guy in a very blah tone. It’s more like a talking park map.
Now that Mr. Morrow and future lady are gone, they did add in character voices as you pass by the appropriate area. For example, Mickey Mouse speaks as you pass thru Mickey’s Star Traders. Buzz Lightyear as you enter Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin. Roz has a laugh as you pass the Laugh Floor. These additions were cute. Well, at least the 2 toddlers I had with me seemed to enjoy it.
There is a petition out to save Mr. Morrow. Apparently, the ImaginEars (I think that’s how they spell it…lol) are looking to see how the general public takes the change. So, if the Disney powers that be see this, please...PLEASE…bring back Mr. Morrow.
Have you heard it? Tell me what you think….

Examiner article by Peggy MacDonald

Petition Link

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