Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The "Meet" - pt 2 of Crashing the Disney SM Moms Celebration

Where were we..Ty Pennington?? lol

I met up with Aurora first. She & Amanda were having fun with the volunteer event & chasing after Joe Jonas. I went off with Princess Peanut & gang while the rest were involved with conference events. At 2:40ish, I got the text from Aurora : "Get back to the volunteer area NOW".

Running thru the countries, we finally made it back to the Volunteer Area (Millennium Village) just in time. The Volunteer Parade with Kermit, Miss Piggy & Sweetums from the Magic Kingdom had just started. This was so amazing for a few reasons :

1. Epcot does not generally have "parades"

2. I never seem to be over at the Magic Kingdom at the right time to see this parade

3. It was the Muppets!

This parade was just a short little pre-parade, but it was cute. The costumes were colorful & music catchy. But the most amazing thing was the 10 big box trucks that followed Miss Piggy & Kermit. These box trucks were full of the canned goods that were used to create the structure built earlier. All the food was donated to local food banks in the central Florida area.

After the parade, I finally met up with everyone! It was a big hug fest ;) It was so exciting! And, to make it even better, Lou Mongello was with them! We decided to find a quiet spot & do a podcast(ßlisten) with Lou. What better of a place than a quiet cafe table in France?

We rode Test Track together & it felt like I had been with them from the start. They were that wonderful. Soon, it came for us to part ways..they had a dinner cooked by Chef Robert Irvine & concert with Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas & we had a tweet-up at the Polynesian Tambu Lounge & Wishes from the beach.

You know, I could write a blog about each of these ladies (& Lou, too!). They are the sweetest people you will ever meet. I do suggest you follow them on Twitter & read their blogs, too.

Lynne, Aurora, Amanda, Jen, Traci, Lou, Jackie, JL, Debbie, Me & Debbie's DS

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  1. Such great memories! I can't believe it's almost been a month since we had so much fun!!!! :)

  2. Wonderful times - and thanks for the shout-out!